By | February 14, 2018

Contixo F17 Introduction

Do you want to use a brand new drone to help you reach the
skies? There is a new drone that employs the latest technology to help users to
fly more easily. It has a Device app that captures video/photos and makes it
easier for you to control the drone.

This drone will inspire your pilot to be
in full control to fly your drone safely. He only needs to touch one button and
your drone will be recalled if there are safety concerns. This is a unique F6
the drone that you cannot afford to miss. This article will provide more information
about contixo drone, which you need to know.

Features of Contixo Drone, Every user need to know

-Altitude Hold

This is a feature that makes it easier for beginners to control
this drone. It helps to stabilize video and aerial photography while they are
still on the flight. Thus no FAA licensing is required for beginners to fly this

-Brushless Motor

This is a motor that uses advanced technology to ensure that
there is no excess between various moving parts of the motor. This makes the
motor to last for long without breaking down.

-HD Camera

This is a great feature that allows users to capture videos
/photos of their flight using the drone.

-Aluminum Hard Case

This is a unique feature of the drone that safeguards your
drone when flying or storing it. This will help to keep your drone safe at all

-Mobile App

You can easily control your drone using your mobile phone
using Virtual Reality 3d Mode.

-High Capacity Battery

The Contixo drone battery can allow users to fly for more
than 20 minutes without recharging it. The battery can easily be removed and
return back after recharging because of its excellent body design. This makes
it more admired by the drone enthusiasts.


– It contains brushless motors that make it
possible for the drone to fly more than 30 minutes provided it does not have
additional luggage

-It is more durable compared to
other types of drones

-It has a good battery that makes
it to fly for long without recharging it.

-It has a buzzer that gives you a warning
when the battery voltage drops and this will help you to land safely before it
completely runs out.


There is no disadvantage that has
been associated with the use of Contixo drone, from the time it was introduced in the market.

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