Contixo F6 RC Quadcopter Racing Drone Review

By | February 14, 2018

Racing Drone Kit


The Contixo F6 RC Quadcopter Racing Drone is one of the finest racing drones fitted with the latest drone technology. Its authenticity rests with the fact that while the other racing drones go for about 12 minutes airborne, the Contixo F6 go for a solid 18 minutes on a single charge.

Based on this, many people consider it the best racing drone among the other quadcopters. And since it uses the latest technology, flying it is simpler and more fun as it allows the pilot absolute control during flight.

With this done you can take to the skies with absolute confidence. If you have been looking around expecting to find the ideal racing drone for your adventures, look no more! Go online, find the nearest drone dealer and get yourself a one-of-its-kind F6 racing drone. It is one of the cheap racing drones that still rock the sky with amazing features.



  1. It has the altitude hold function that allows the drone to hover at the same altitude even after the throttle has been released. This feature makes it the ultimate option for beginners since they don’t have to worry about keeping the drone a flight or risk letting the drone crash at the ground.


  1. Live feed / VR / FPV. The R6 FC racing drone is fitted with an onboard HD camera with wifi capability. This feature enables a live video broadcast to the mobile app and allows the pilot to fly the drone on a first-person view. Moreover, it can launch the virtual reality mode that allows you to fly it on the VR headset.


  1. It also comes with a mobile phone app that allows you full control of the drone from your mobile device without using the radio controller. This simple feature takes off all the stress involved in the technical use and even storage of the controller.


  1. The 720p HD rotating camera. This racing drone offers quality photographing and video recording features that enables the pilot to capture or record videos and photos from a perfect angle. The FPV flying


  1. A high capacity battery (2300ma). This is what maintains the racing drone for 18 minutes, unlike the other drones. This battery holds the flight that long so you need not worry about the risk of your drone falling down due to low battery.


Among these features are the one key return, one key takeoff and landing, 3D rolling, intelligence set for height functions, charging time of about 150 minutes, control distance of about 250 feet and the movable camera. All these features are geared towards improving the performance of the drone and make it outstanding.



  1. It has a unique altitude function that holds the drone at the same altitude when under no steering.
  2. A movable 720 p camera
  3. A long flight duration of about 18 minutes
  4. It is affordable
  5. You can use a mobile app to control it.
  6. It has autolanding features and one key take off.




Its remote control is designed poorly. It doesn’t look nice.

Large phones aren’t accommodated by the phone mount of the drone.