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Best Drone 2018

Drones have become quite popular and are used mainly for leisure and entertainment activities. There are various models in the market including designs under $100. While finding one is an effortless process, it is important to carefully review the feature set before spending your money. GordVE GV561 RC Drone is one of the recent affordable models in the market. Here is a brief descriptive review of the drone including its features and specifications:
GordVE GV561 RC Drone comes with various features to help you fly easily and take high-quality features which can be sent directly to your phone in real time. Some of the features you will find in this drone include the following;

• H-style design

The quadcopter features a novel H-style design that provides foundations for its characteristic stability. Compared to other drones within its category, GordVE GV561 RC Drone has a solid stable structure that can withstand most weather elements.
gordve gv561

• Headless mode

This drone uses inbuilt signals to automatically detect the remote control. If it flies out of sight, simply press the one key return function to fly it back to the remote.

• 4 axis motor

A four-axis drive allows the drone to smoothly navigate various flight actions without losing balance and crushing. It also provides the power needed to fly through the wind while retaining balance.

• High-quality cameras

You can enjoy views directly from the drone by connecting it to your phone. You can also place your phone on a VR box or wear the VR glasses for a more satisfying experience. It uses FPV software to transmit pictures or stream videos from the drone in real time.

TOYEN GordVE GV561 RC Drone 2.4GHz FPV VR Wifi RC Quadcopter 6-Axis Gyro Remote Control Drone with 2MP HD Camera

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There are other minor features integrated into GordVE GV561 RC Drone design including inbuilt 3-dimensional accelerator to help the drone adapt to 3D space. You can use the 3D or one key roll. The drone uses a 550mAH Li-po battery that takes 100 minutes to fully charge with a USB cable. Once fully charged, you can fly the drone for 8-9 minutes within 100 meters of the control.
The only con of GordVE GV561 RC Drone is its limited flying time and control distance, but this is understandable for drones within its price range.
GordVE GV561 RC Drone is ideal for beginners who want their first experience with a basic quadcopter before they start flying heavier drones. It offers basic features and control functions to make piloting an effortless task and weighs less than a pound. Compared to other drones within its category, it performs fairly well and offers value for money. It is also stylish so you can fancy taking it out for a few rides and take high-quality pictures in the process.