Best Drones For Beginners DROCON Cyclone X708w Review

By | February 13, 2018

Mini-Drone Drogon X708W

Drones have already become pretty much popular among the commoners. Featuring smaller sizes and affordable price tags, these intelligent gadgets have gained a massive popularity.

The “Dragon x708w” seems to continue the similar tradition by featuring a compact size, several automated functionalities, easy operation, and affordable price tag. Despite its compact size, Drogon x708w is fully packed with a bunch of astounding features, for example, high-quality 720p camera,

WiFi transmission, headless mode, twin-speed mode, and much more too. this context, here’s an article on “Dragon x708w” that reviews all of its amazing features and functionalities in a descriptive and elaborative way. Dragon x708w Review – Reveal Its Five Key Features: High-Quality Camera: The drone comes with an HD 720p camera that can capture impeccable photographs and live video clips II) Easy Control: If you are a beginner who is quite unsure about how to fly this drone, then you will be glad to know that it comes with a “one-key return easy control” feature.

Wherever and whenever you are flying it, simply press the one-key return button & the drone will straight-forward return to you. WiFi FPV: Use your mobile device and enjoy its WiFi FPV feature. 360 Degree Flip: This feature allows you to easily flip the drone (in 360 degrees) and push the direction to any side. Compact Design: Its streamlined-shaped unique body structure and compact design excellently improves aerodynamics and reduces air resistance.

This feature makes your landing operation easier and more stable Drogon x708w Review – ProsThe drone is made of premium materials & it comes at an affordable price tag It’s one of the best drones for beginners. It is extremely easy to operate. For example, it comes with Twin-speed Mode. This feature allows you to find a suitable speed of operation. The drone also features “Headless Mode” that allows you to fly the gadget without knowing its actual direction. Its innovative body structure makes landing operation better, easier, and more stable. The manufacturer is offering a 1-year warranty on this quadcopter. Bright LED lights are included for night-time drone flying

DROCON Cyclone X708w
The Good
  • Has camera
  • Responsive to controls
  • Fast
  • Easy to Control
The Bad
  • Expect some lag input in FPV mode
  • Flight time is short
  • Charging the battery takes 60 minutes
  • Limited features

The Flying Time of this gadget is around 7 – 9 minutes which could be improved. Apart from that, there are no other significant cons to be mentioned. The Final Verdict: From a final standpoint, it can be clearly mentioned that it’s an affordable, easy-to-use, and advanced drone for beginners. Call to Action: Are you a first-time flier? Simply purchase this quadcopter and kick-start an amazing & exciting drone flying journey. Buy this drone and you’re ready to capture stunning photographs & live videos. •  This intelligent drone is affordable. It doesn’t break your bank. Get it now