Holy Stone Drone FPV RC Drone with Camera 2018

By | February 13, 2018

Holy Stone  720P HD WIFI Camera- Follow Me, Altitude 

The Holy Stone brand has significantly evolved over the years to offer consumers drones filled with features that are cheaper and better than previous models. The Holy Stone HS100 FPV RC Drone with Camera is among the latest additions. This product offers extra capabilities and style like never before.

The following is an in-depth review of the Holy Stone Drone:


The Holy Stone HS100 drone is fitted with numerous interesting features as seen below:

GPS mode

This product has an advanced GPS assisted mode. This feature allows for precise positioning thus minimizing chances of losing the RC drone. It is designed to perform auto returns in case it loses signal or battery is low.

Smart Return to Home

This functionality is activated via a button. It makes the drone to fly back to its originating point but it as to be on GPS mode to work. This is useful when the drone flies out of sight.

It is light in weight at 1.7 pounds. This greatly promotes portability.

Follow Me Mode

This feature makes the top-notch drone to follow the user through the GPS on their phone. This means that the product can follow you wherever you go with very high precision.

LED Lights Assist Night Flight

It is fitted with four effective and bright LED lights to facilitate night flight. This allows the drone to be flown at any time of day.

Flying time and control distance

This drone can achieve an impressive remote-control distance of up to 500m. Furthermore, its high capacity 7.4V 2500mAH rechargeable battery facilitates a good flight experience. 15 minutes of flight time to be precise.


It had a compact size characterized by dimensions of 19.7 x 19.7 x 6.9 inches.

Easy to use

It has features that were deliberately designed for ease of use such as Headless Mode, Altitude hold, One-Key Take-off/Landing as well as Emergency Stop. These are ideal features for beginners as the significantly decrease the learning curve.


This unique RC drone has a wide angle adjustable camera with First Person View (FPV) transmission. The camera’s definition is HD 720P. The Wi-Fi capability allows the user to view whatever the drone captures thus perfect for looking around and filming designated spots.


The following are the pros associated with the product:

• It is very easy to control.

• It is very easy to assemble.

• The drone is ideal for both experienced as well as inexperienced fliers.

• The instructions for the product assembly and use are easy to read.

• It is sold at a very reasonable for a drone of its quality.

• The camera has clear photographs.

• The videos shot using the drone is high definition for quality viewing.

• It is sturdy and strong.

• The remote is rechargeable.

• The gadget has a refined look.

• It charges quickly and does not require battery replacements.


The drone has a few limitations as listed below:

• The propellers might a tad difficult to install for some people.

• The camera is not active in the follow me mode.


Holy Stone drones are easy to use and very reliable as seen from the above Holy Stone drone review. Buy the Holy Stone drone today to enjoy the high precision, beautiful design, and sleekness.