The Parrot Drone vs Phantom 3 Review

Parrot Drone

The concept of drones was first coined for the military purposes. It was designed to infiltrate the enemy ground without sending any man. Hence, it was purposed to avoid the casualties in the war zone.

Various military forces have advanced drones with exceptional
capabilities, for example, some of them can fly with extreme stealth, covering
themselves from radar detection.
Some of the drones are amphibians that are they can operate underwater as well as above water. Although designed for military uses, there is no doubt that it can be used for other fruitful purposes to make common person’s life easy.

The Specialty

of these drones is that it can be operated from anywhere, making it human-pilot
onboard free aerial vehicle. Currently, these drones have gain immense
popularity among civilians for their bizarre uses they have found. For
instance, biologists are utilizing drones capabilities to observe the critical events
in wildlife.

Drones provide them with astounding images and videos that are
revolutionary evidence for their research purposes. On commercial grounds,
various e-commerce firms are now adopting the drone delivering method, for fast
and safe delivery. Amazon has already started delivering the products using
drones in many parts of the world.

Drones also found their place in sports and media. For breathtaking photography of epiphytic moments in sports, drones capture these moments from the angle, where normal human being cannot manually
achieve. Drones are apt tools for security and surveillance purposes. To spot
illegal activities where any agent or cop cannot reach easily, drones come into
play and provide the useful insights of all those events. These unmanned aerial
vehicles have actually scored their places in day-to-day activity. From
personal use to public use, drones have accomplished and solved many problems
for a common person’s life.

Skycontroller 2

A widely recognized company Parrot mostly known for
their advanced models of drones has launched their latest product Bebop 2
Quadcopter along with Skycontroller 2 and Cockpit First Person View Glasses in
white color. After launched to the market, this product has grabbed phenomenal
attention. The reviews highlight its specifications to the point of the most
advanced drone yet made. Now, believing in the hype, we will now look at the
specifications and features Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter has.

and Features:

  • It consist total seven sensors,
    that will provide optimized stability during flight
  • The camera installed is 14 mega
    pixels and can record video in complete 1080i format, 3 different formats. It
    can click photographs of resolution 1920×1080, 4096×3072 in RAW, DNG, and JPEG
  • The video frame rate it offers is
    30 frames per second
  • It is equipped with 3-axis digital
    stabilization mechanism, to assure you a smooth and stable recording of videos
    and clicking on photos, irrespective of drones movements
  • It has 2700mAh Li-ion battery with
    up to 25 minutes of battery life at one charge. The durability and charging
    time of its battery is reliable and fast as one go
  • The product includes a First Person
    View (FPV) glasses for you to experience enthralling flight experience
  • It offers wireless flight range of
    6547 feet which are approximately 1.24 miles
  • It has installed GPS device to give
    you all time its location information
  • The quadcopter can be controlled
    through an application, FreeFlight Pro installed on your smartphone device
    through connecting it to Wi-Fi
  • The FreeFlight app also provides
    you FPV mode, along with the display functions such as take-off, land,
    directional controls, camera controls and auto return home function
  • It offers free connection to Drone
    academy, which keeps tracks of all your flight timings, your records of videos
    and photos. It also stores the navigation data for your next flight experience
    to be more smooth
  • Unlike any other drones, Parrot
    Bebop 2 requires very less amount of assembly. It arrives mostly assembled
    in the package, you just have to make few easy connections according to the
    lucid user manual
  • It provides 8000 MB internal
    storage, for you to record loads of videos and pictures
  • The flexible maneuverability to
    multidirectional operations are facilitated by its lightweight design. It
    weighs 1.1 pounds, almost half of any conventional drones

Now, let us draw a comparison between the two most
recognized and popular drones of all time. One is DJI Phantom 3 and other is
nonetheless Parrot Bebop-2. The grounds of comparison are based on the price
and features.

The cost of Phantom 3 listen on website of Amazon is
$441.99 and the price of Parrot Bebop-2 is $499. It also comes with a refurbished
version for around $299.95. The user can accordingly choose any of those
with respect to their budget.

The weight of Phantom 3 is 1.216 Kgs while on the
other hand, Parrot Bebop-2 weighs only 500 grams, that is even less than half of
that of Phantom 3. This difference in weight can be observed in the improved
maneuverability in Parrot Bebop-2.

Apart from having the same number of motors, Parrot bebop
has brushless motors installed, that provides smooth operating time and better

Parrot Bebop-2 is even prepared for a night adventure
with its installed LED lights unlike DJI Phantom 3, where it does not have any
night vision feature equipped.

DJI Phantom 3 has 12 megapixels of camera while
Parrot Bebop-2 transcends Phantom 3. It has 14 megapixels and provides better
resolution as compared to Phantom 3.

Phantom 2

Phantom 2

Parrot Bebop-2 provides virtual reality set
compatibility to live the flight experience at its finest, whereas there is no
such feature in Phantom 3.

The live view frequency in Phantom 3 is of 2.4GHz
while Parrot Bebop-2 broadcast live telecast of its camera view at 5.8GHz. The
recording modes are the same in both of these models.

The Parrot Bebop-2 skycontroller operates at 2.4GHz,
that can be operated through remote control provided and phone or tablet. DJI
Phantom 3 although has these features same, but it does not provide better
battery for its controller. Parrot Bebop-2 Skycontroller comes with Lithium
Polymer 3S battery, which is known for its better durability and fast charging
time. Parrot Bebop-2 skycontroller

DJI Phantom 3 provides technical support on phone,
whereas Parrot Bebop-2 offers customer support both online email and on phone.

Keeping all these comparisons in mind, it will not be
difficult to decide which drone is better. Obviously, Parrot Bebop-2 Quadcopter
with Skycontroller offers better features over DJI Phantom 3. Which justifies
its increased demand in the market. Parrot Bebop-2 is rated 4.5 stars out of 5
on Amazon, 4.7 out 5 on and 4.6 out 5 on, with over
fifteen thousand positive reviews. This information hence establishes the
customer satisfaction regarding the product. For every UAV enthusiast, Parrot
Bebop-2 should be the must-buy item, for his or her enjoyment and fun.