By | February 14, 2018

Syma x5uw Drone

Force1 RC X5UW Thunderbolt Drone is designed to give you a unique flying experience with the help of the new features and upgraded components used in it. The features of this drone ensure to provide easily controllable flying experience to both novice and professional users. The Force 1 drone review provided hereunder will help you to know it more closely.

Syma x5uw Drone

Force 1 Thunderbolt drone has a perfect blend of functionality and design as along with a golden flat body this Wi-Fi enabled drone has landing gear and low profile propeller guards. This drone looks modern and sleeker along with easy to fly due to these features. You can place your camera safely on the props of this drone without causing any damage to the people or objects underneath.

The camera can be mounted under the drone close to its body to improve its aerodynamic capabilities. It can give excellent flying experience with the help of its powerful brushed motors to manage it quickly in the air. You can also use it to shoot videos smoothly and easily by using its multiple speed modes. Its controls respond as per your expectations to give a smoother flight experience than other drones.

Features of Force 1 drone

This quadcopter drone can be used easily by professional as well as new photographers due to its unique features like:

Drone with a stunt camera: This drone with HD camera can be used to capture 720p resolution pictures and videos with stunt dives and dips.

One button control: Beginners and professionals can use your remote control device or mobile phone to lift, land and flipping your drone at 360 degrees easily with one button.

Bonus of batteries: The power of three batteries allows your drone to cruise with your HD camera more efficiently

Syma x5uw Drone

Easy and stable flight with 6-axis technology: The 6-axis gyro technology used in Force 1 drone enables kids and adults to fly it stably and easily.

Other important features: This drone has a headless mode, altitude hold, gravity induction and custom routes as additional features to make it easy to fly while capturing HD quality photos and videos.

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Thus, Force 1 drone can be used safely by beginner and professional photographers with equal ease while taking HD quality photos and videos with the help of its unique features discussed in this write-up. The guards on its propellers keep its propellers safe from being damaged by any foreign object along with keeping you safe from its moving components.