U49W Drone with Camera Live Video 2018

By | February 15, 2018

U49W Drone Review

The U49W Drone is the drone of the moment! It has one of the best 14-megapixel fish-eye cameras on the market that allows you to shoot photos and videos in full HD 1080p! The image quality is simply unbelievable because, in addition to the sensor of a real camera, the image is stabilized on 3 axes which guarantees an exceptional photo and video quality that is not found on other flying drones!

This is undoubtedly the perfect drone to start in drone piloting because, in addition to having all the basic features of high-end drones, it comes with a protective hull that protects the blades of the rotors and thus prevent that they do not break when coming in contact with an obstacle.

We give this drone first place in the rankings for these outstanding capabilities, but we must not forget that it is a drone that still has other assets:

-Its top horizontal speed is 60km/h (18m/s)
-The flash memory of the camera is 8go
-It is capable of flying for 25 minutes, which is excellent for its top speed and weight of 500 grams!
-The camera can be rotated for 180 viewing
-It has a very powerful rear LED to indicate its presence.
-It is equipped with automatic return to its point of origin and emergency landing features!

U49W Drone Features

Return to the starting point or RTH
The Return to home is a feature that we see more and more in mid-range and high-end UAVs. This is to return the drone to its point of origin by pressing a single button on the remote control of the drone. This feature is very useful for not having to drive the drone on the way home and let it go back on its own.
Tap to Fly
The TapFly is a particularly interesting feature that remains like the RTH an intelligent feature that allows you not to have to constantly control the piloting of the drone. Indeed the TapFly feature is the fact of simply pointing where you want the drone navigates so that it goes to the android you want.

Follow Me mode

This mode allows you to program the drone to follow a person, or a moving vehicle, this is a great feature that allows you to completely abandon the drone and focus on your sport or your driving. The drone will follow you to trace it thanks to its tracking algorithms.
Optical, infra-red and ultrasound detection
Obstacle detection is a crucial point in piloting a drone when you buy a drone costing several thousand euros, it is very important to know that the latter is secure and intelligent and will be able to detect obstacles so as not to crash in the event of contact with landscape features.

More and more drones are equipped with sensors and optical sensors and ultra-sound to position themselves correctly at altitude and also to avoid obstacles. Ultrasonic sensors are particularly useful for keeping the drone at a constant low-altitude.

Thanks to the ultrasonic sensors, the drone will be able to calculate its distance from the ground and thus maintain a constant altitude. This feature is used by the drone for take-off and landing but also when using the Ground Control mode which allows the drone to maintain a low altitude at high speed.
The Fly by Phone feature is a term used to define a drone with or without a camera that can fly and be driven by a simple smartphone or tablet. This kind of drone is dedicated to the general public in order to propose a solution of flight simple and fast to take in hand.