By | February 17, 2018

The Typhoon H Yuneec Drone

Yuneec’s Typhoon H Plus was a main point of interest at the CES 2018 as it was one of the drones to have been announced for release in 2018. Being an improved version of its predecessor the Typhoon H which was also an amazing drone let’s look at the goodies of this new series.

The Typhoon H Plus is purposefully meant for professional videography and photography. Its noise has been reduced by 40 percent in comparison to its predecessor. It also has a bigger six-rotor hex airframe as well as the capability of withstanding 30mph winds.

-Design has been optimized for improved and efficient cooling
– Fight controller has PX4 failsafe as well as backup
– Efficiency high and quite
-Flight operation quite
-Includes the following, flight mode, point of interest. Orbit Me. Follow Me, Return Home, Curve Cable Cam, Journey Mode
-5-Rotor motor

Camera-Amazing camera having a one-inch 20 megapixels coupled with the high-aperture lens. Can take 4K video at 60 FPS.

Real sense technology- for avoiding a collision as well as detection.

Controller- Its motor The has a 6-inch 720p display property.

Flight time- up to 25 minutes which is amazing compared to conventional 6 minutes or less in other drones.

Speed- can reach over 30 min per hour in winds lower than 30mph


Flight Modes
Curve Cable Cam- Invisible flight rout and independent camera control

Return Home- This is a great feature in a drone as it gives you the satisfaction that it will land within 8 meters of you.

Journey- Can automatically go as far as 90meters

Follow Me – This gives it the ability to move along your path as it follows you. This also watches me mode you can also point the camera at yourself.

Orbit Me- Simply flying a circular path around you, keeping the camera pointed at you.
Point of interest- Much like orbit me but the desired object or point of interest can be anything else while maintaining automatic orbit.

The Typhoon H Plus is simply an amazing drone set to be released on to the public by mid-2018 so basically, we are not that far off from getting it. Its price will range from $1800 (more or less) which is worth your money considering all these great features that have mentioned here. It is basically a small price to pay for professional photography as it offers the kind of professionalism not featured in any other drone.